Halloween Costume Ideas  

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10/29/2005 7:23 pm

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Not gonna be a huge post this time. Just thought I'd share some of my favorite sexual costume ideas.

-Masonry Couple: If you're a couple, have the girl go as a brick, and have the guy go as a brick layer.
-Dildo Bangins the Hobbit: Dress like a hobbit, except that your cloak is a vibrating electric blanket, and wear a bald cap that you can paint like a penis. Also, wear a ring on your finger, as well as a belt that's yellowis in color, to give the illusion of a cock ring.
-Bob Dole: Wear a suit, some wrinkle make-up, hold a pen in your right hand without moving your right arm, and stuff a cucumber in your pants for Viagra effect.
-Broke Pimp: Desperate for hoes, this pimp sports the fro and the hat, maybe even the glasses, but minimal jewelry, and your cane is broken. Instead of a pimp suit, wear a Hawaiian shirt and slacks. See my pic on the right for an example.
-Emperess: Ladies only. Grab the emperor's new clothes, and let me lead the emperess home.

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