Dream Job attempt #2  

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11/28/2005 8:31 am

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Dream Job attempt #2

Back in August, right after I got laid off from my shitty factory job (which I only worked to pay bills and get a car), I received an e-mail from my college TV station's alumni network about an opening with another SU alum, to work in the new media department at a prominent cable network. Won't say who, but let's just say they're the worldwide leader in sports. I practically shit myself. To any broadcaster, at least one enthusiastic about sports, this is the dream. News people have the news networks (any but Fox, cause they haven't reported actual news and facts in their 9 year history, just conservative talking points), entertainment people go for sitcoms, or specific networks, like TLC or Comedy Central (which I'd love to work for as well), and the sports guys have this one.

I got in touch with the department head (the other alum offering the job), and we set up an interview. He liked my resume, and the interview went extremely well. It had to be done over the phone, though, since I live in upstate NY, and the job is in CT. Two guys interviewed me. At the end, one guy said I have "the perfect personality" for this network. The other leveled with me that I came into the interview with a 1 in 8 shot (they were interviewing 8 guys), but they were only seriously considering 4. By the end of the interview, my odds had jumped to that top 4.

I didn't get the job. However, being among the top 4, he decided to shop our resumes around the station, see if there were openings in other departments that would suit us. I kept in touch with him over the last 3 months. Seeing who he sent my resume to (the Mobile department had a similar opening), and just normal chatting. He said many times that he admired my tenacity.

Fast forward to last week. He gets in touch with me and invites me down to the station. Initially, he says it's to take me around the place, introduce me to all the department heads, etc. Then I learn that there is to be an interview in the New Media department, in person, with him.

I got my second chance. And the outlook is extremely good. All the great stuff they've told me over the last few months notwithstanding, it comes down to numbers. They're doing 8 interviews again. So assuming the other 2 that didn't get the job last time stayed in touch as much as I did, to the point where they will be showing up, that means that, at worst, I go in as the 3rd choice. More than likely, I go in as the favorite; it's my job to lose. Also, last time, it was a phone interview. This time, I'm going down to CT, with an official INVITE of the department head. This can only bode well for my chances.

Stay tuned. I'll be gone all day Wednesday for the road trip/interview (6 hour drive each way for a 1/2 hour interview), and I'll let you all know what happens.

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