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WideEyedWonder 107M
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11/23/2005 7:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Winks On AFF

As a standard member, who does want a sex partner, I have joined some groups, I write in my blog, and I send out "winks". I get ten winks to send every day. Sometimes I do the search for local signal women. Sometimes I do the search for couples looking for men. I do try to avoid sending winks to the same people every day. I can see where that would get old very fast..."o man that WideEyedWonder guy sent another wink...damn I wish he would get a clue".

Well lets look at it from my point of view for a sec. I can make posts to groups. Bakersfield does have some groups and people do post in them. But, the Bakersfield groups are pretty lame. There is no real activity there. If you post something there someone might read it. The groups also have chat rooms. I have tried them at verious times. No one has ever been there.

I also have this blog. And, I can see that people do read parts of it. It is here I can just be me. I can write out and think out what I am feeling. It is a place I can share and if anyone was interested they could comment.

So I am sending out winks...just to say hi.

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