The Spider In The Backyard: Building To The Boiling Point  

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The Spider In The Backyard: Building To The Boiling Point

I looked over to my right as I turned a corner and spotted that little green Mercury Tracer. I noticed the porch light was on but I kept driving by. As I drove to the end of the street I thought did she really ask me to come over and keep her company? I kept driving around the block over and over with the that question in my mind. I finally thought to myself that it wasn’t worth the risk of me going up to the front door and her husband would be there. So I headed back home.

The next evening I went by the bingo hall to see if she was there and she was. So I once again went in and there she sat. She waved at me to come over so I sat down across from her and played some bingo. I told her about what I had done the night before and what I thought she said. She chuckled telling me that all she did was thank me for coming over to bingo and keeping her company. I began laughing myself thinking how silly it was for me to think that.

Over the next month or so I would get off work, drive home as fast as I could, get cleaned up, and drive by bingo to see if she was there. Of course Tuesday nights I worked bingo and it was great. We would always flirt with one another throughout the night. At one point I began calling the numbers. My routine was I would put the ball in play in the monitor and then I would take the next ball out and hold it in my right hand. I would then sweep it from my left to my right to give the players that were sitting within the first few rows an early look at the next number coming up. She would always be on my far right about the 2nd row back. When I held the next ball in play over on my right I would always hold it an extra second or two so she could get a good look at it. She would wink and smile at me. Every time she did my heart would race. At halftime I would always make my way down to where she would be sitting and talk for a few minutes. At the end of every night I would be up there in my chair putting away the balls and she would always walk by, wave, wink and smile. The last thing I would see is that pretty little behind of hers walking out the door.

At one point one of my fraternal brothers named Ray took notice of my flirtatious gestures toward Maria. He said ‘she is pretty but you need to leave her alone’. I would always just shrug my shrug my shoulders and reply ‘nothing is going on, we’re just friends’.

The flirting continued and my imagination and infatuation grew. She was the first thing I thought about upon awakening, the last thing I thought about as I fell asleep, and I dreamt of her throughout the night. I kept thinking to myself why was I doing this because afterall she was a married woman and I sure as hell wasn’t going to get involved with her no matter what. However at the same time I couldn’t refrain from fantasizing about her and wanting to be with her alone.

One night at bingo she mentioned how her birthday was going to be on May 30th. At this time it was about mid May. I can recall looking at my calender and noticing that her birthday fell on a Tuesday and that was the night I worked bingo. As that day arrived I drove home and got cleaned up to go work bingo when it dawned upon me that it was Maria’s birthday. I thought to myself surely she would be there tonight. I usually drive straight to bingo after I get ready but this time I was inspired to do something quite different.

I went to a nearby store and looked for a birthday card for her. I finally found one that was a humorous one. Inside I wrote ‘To the lady that brightens up Tuesday night bingo, Steve; PS. Here’s $2 to buy some pulltabs with’. I put $2 in it and sealed the envelope. As I arrived I walked through the entrance and sure enough there she was sitting where she usually sat. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I was so nervous about giving her the card that I almost didn’t. Then courage found me and I walked directly over to her and said, ‘Happy Birthday Maria’, and gave her the card. She acted surprised, looked up at me and,....

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