Council Bluffs, Iowa: Day 20  

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Council Bluffs, Iowa: Day 20

Hello once again,..I am just getting caught up with the events of the last two days. This was yesterday. I went to work and everything went pretty smoothly. I decided to only work 8 hours instead of 10 because I wanted to do some things. Matt (refer to Council Bluffs, Iowa Day 10 and 11) was going to come over tonight and we were going out together and have some fun. I was going out tonight to a meet and greet. Tomorrow I was going to have my first legitimate day off in 18 days and I was going to have some fun! I wanted to get my hair cut and wash my car. Those two things were challenging by themselves alone.

After I left work I saw this place to get my hair cut. A lady sat me down and proceeded to ask me that famous question. How do you want your hair cut? I hate that question. The reason is because for the longest time I've had pretty much the same person cut my hair and all I have to do is sit down and she knows what to do. I like it that way (might I mention just not getting a haircut either *wink*). Anyway I proceeded to attempt to tell her how I wanted my hair cut and all the while hoping that she knew what I was describing. After she was done it looked acceptable enough for me and I thanked her.

Next thing to do was to wash my car. My car was getting pretty dirty from that parking lot at work. It's unpaved so it is dusty when dry and muddy when wet. I found this car wash and got some quarters out of my cup holder. I usually have quite a few but this time I only counted $2.50 and the 4 minute wash was $2.00. I was hoping I could wash it fairly well in that time but I knew I would be pushing it. Well I put my $2.00 in and began to wash it. Before I knew it I heard this BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Of course that meant I was running out of time. So I put in my last 2 quarters before time expired. Then BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. I ran over to the change machine to get some change before time was up and the darn change machine was not working! Well by this time it had finished beeping and my time had expired. So here was my car all soapy and half washed. I walked over to this nearby store that was about half a block away and got some quarters. I finally finished washing my car and headed toward my place.

Once I got home I called Matt to check on about what time he wanted to show up. After that I relaxed for a bit and ate. Before I got cleaned up I wanted to find a nearby liquor store so I could throw back a few drinks before Matt and I hit the scene. I found one and purchased some Bacardi Limon and Sprite. Came back to my place and started getting cleaned up. Right before Matt showed up I poured myself a drink. Within a few minutes he showed up and I poured him a drink as well. We sat around here and had a few laughs before we left. I got the directions to the club where the meet and greet was being held and the club ended up being pretty close about 3 miles away!

Once we arrived the place was already rockin'. There was a band there by the name of 'Desperate Band Wives'. It composed of 3 female lead singers and 3 male musicians. I think that 2 of the women were married to 2 of the male musicians. Anyway they were awesome! They played a mix of rock, diso, and pop anywhere from AC/DC to Donna Summer. I met several A.F.F. members there including countryheart_71, signwmn, and lilbears to name a few. Matt and I mingled all night long and we danced with a few women and got acquainted with them. A good time was had by all! The party ended approxiamately 100am. Shortly afterwards Matt and I left. Good thing the club was close by, Anyway that was my day/night and it was a good one!

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