Masturbation fantasy. . .  

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9/8/2005 11:56 pm

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Masturbation fantasy. . .

I find myself masturbating to thoughts of you every night. Each night I pull up these photos that you've sent me and I let my mind run a bit wild with the images. I love how you always free your breasts from your bra by pulling them loose from the bra cups, yet you leave your bra on. I find that extremely sexy. I think about how I would love to be kissing you and fondling your breasts. Sliding my finger tips underneath the lacy fabric of your bra, my finger tips encircling your left nipple as you suck on my tongue. Pulling myself from our kiss, I slide down your body and place my lips over your nipple, wetting the lace of your bra with my tongue and feeling your nipple growing hard with the moist heat of my mouth and the rough texture of the lace. I growl sensually in my throat as I begin to teasingly chew at your nipple through the lace, loving the mixed textures of your bra and your flesh. Finally I can't take the tease any longer and have to feel the texture of your nipple against my lips and tongue and I free your left bra from the lacy prison of your bra. My hands encircling your breast as I suck hungrily, taking as much of your delicious breast into my mouth as I can the same time kneading and massaging it with my hands. I find myself rubbing my hardening cock against your hand through my jeans. I let out a moan into your flesh as you unzip my pants and spring my hard-on. Pulling my hungry mouth from your breast, I slide a hand into your hair and bring you to your knees, longing to watch you stroke me against your breasts. You tease the head of my cock against your bra covered right breast, letting the rough texture of the lace smear my pre cum. I watch you with lustful fascination as you take me cock into your mouth, one hand cradling my balls the other sliding along the now slippery shaft you work your saliva onto me as you take turns with your hand and your mouth working me so sensually. Reaching down into your bra I sink my fingers into your right breast and almost claw at your flesh as you take me deep into your throat and hold me there. We both gasp for air at the same time as you withdraw me from your throat.

Sitting myself down upon the edge of the bed you free your right breast from your bra and just dangle your beautiful tits upon my cock teasingly as you keep your fingers curled around the shaft and begin to dance your nipples along the head of my cock. I lean back and just sigh with delight at the feel of your soft flesh against my cock. The warmth and silkiness of your breasts is just incredible as you slide them around my shaft, letting me feel safe and warm with you. I feel my cock throbbing nearing climax as you keep your mouth so moist and warm placed over the head as you work the silkiness of your tits up and down my shaft, over and over you lift and lower your breasts on me, but always keeping the tip in your mouth.. I wrap my legs around your waist and begin moaning insistently as you bring me closer to climax .. You with draw your mouth just to let me hear you begging for my release.. Knowing how much I love to hear you tell me to cum on you. I reach down and bring myself to climax, letting my cock just spray your face and your beautiful tits. Hungrily you lick the tip and taste me, your hand stroking and squeezing my balls to get every last drop of my release upon you and in you. I watch you with a smile as you lift your breasts and lick my cum from each.

Laying upon the bed next to me, I slip down between your thighs and begin to dance my tongue along your mesh panties. I moan with delight at the texture of your thigh highs brushing against my face and the silkiness of your feet as you dance your stocking clad feet along my back, ass and thighs. My hands sliding up underneath your ass to lift you to my mouth. letting you feel my tongue exploring you through your panties from your ass to your hood. I love the whimper you make as I push your mesh panties inside of you with two fingers, making the material synch up in your ass and roll down your hips as the begin to tear in you, letting my fingers curl against your flesh .. my mouth is hot and moist as I purse my lips into an O and dance my tongue in slow circles around your hood until your clit is tingling to be touched, my fingers curled deep inside of you. My erection quickly returning in response to your excitement, I roll you over and push my cock inside of you from behind. Loving the feeling of the torn mesh around my shaft as I slide myself fully into you. My fingers curling into your stocking tops and pulling you to me by them as I grind my hips against your ass. . .

JaniSux 46F

3/26/2006 12:04 pm

This story is soooo hot! It's one of my fav's of yours.. but then sooo is 'Against The Glass'

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