Introduction and some random thoughts.  

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7/23/2005 11:40 pm

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Introduction and some random thoughts.


Welcome to my Blog. My name is Wanda and I am a 36 year-old full-figured black female living in Columbus, Ohio.

On the surface it seems like I have the typical Midwest American life. I'm married, we have a kid, a dog, a cat, a nice car, and a really nice house. We both work full-time professional jobs and enjoy doing the typical family/couple things. We also have a friend who lives with us while he gets adjusted to life here in Columbus. We are just your typical American family.

Yeah, right!

In reality, I'm married to a Dom (those of you "in the life" know what I mean -- those of you who aren't probably don't want to know about it. LOand our friend is his partner in a soon-to-be Pleasure Dungeon. I wouldn't mind him being a partner to me in a few other activities, but I'll save that for a later post. LOL

Hubby and I love each other deeply, but we are completely incompatible in the bedroom. So I decided that I was tired of playing by myself all the time and would go out and get myself a playmate or 2 or 10. LOL And for the record, it WAS with hubby's any of you guys who might be interested, rest assured there will be no psychotic husband busting in on us.

You can read my profile to see what all I am into, but to summarize, I am looking for a friend or friends with benefits. Yes, I want sex and lots of it, but I also want guys I can hang out with, watch football with, shoot pool, etc. I've always had more male friends than female (some with benefits, some without) and I miss it.

If you are thinking of approaching me, I do have one caveat -- if you are married and your wife knows about your extra-curricular activities and doesn't have a problem with it, great -- let's hook up. But if you are doing this behind her back, don't contact me. I have no desire to be the "other woman" that breaks up the marriage, nor do I want to have to duck under the table or under the dash whenever you encounter someone who might tell your wife.

Okay, that's about it for now. In my next post I'll fill you in on some of the IRL encounters I have had so far.


sussi1028 57F  
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7/24/2005 1:32 am

Let me know how it works. I am thinking about having 4 or 5 boy toys for me. Does it work? Or is it just fuck, fuck, need to go? Let me know. Thanks, Sussi

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