Being friendly  

WickedShelby24 32F
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7/8/2006 8:20 am

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Being friendly

So as i said the last time i blogged it up, i'm on my period so no sex or nothin' for me, but that doesn't mean i can't do a little somethin' for him. So yesterday when i got home from work i was feeling very generous so i told him that if he'll leave me a lone for a little bit i'll give him a blowjob. So he left me alone for a while and then i went into the bedroom to watch tv cause i wanted to lay down. So he came in there and we watched this tv show for a while. Well i figured if i was going to please him that was the perfect time. So i made him turn so i could get to his manhood and i slid it out of his pants. At first i just kinda rubbed it with my hand while i was watching tv. There wasn't very much reaction from that so i moved down a little bit and slowly started sucking on it. That drove him wild cause he was bucking and man moaning like crazy. After awhile it got so bad i thought he was just going to bust his nut right there. Well before whenever i gave him head he had never actually got off, so i wasn't really expecting him too. So i alternating sucking him and rubbing his cock. Well i eventually decided that i would suck him and rub his cock at the same I did. Not soon after he starting "howling" and he busted his nut all over in my mouth...There was so much i couldn't keep it all in my mouth!

mybiglips4you 47M/47F

7/10/2006 5:19 am

I know the feeling, I just got over my cycle this week! I was so horny that last few days! I rocked his world last nite! I just couldn't stop!!

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