The lie  

WhyteRavenne 42F
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5/21/2006 7:09 pm

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The lie

When does a lie told by someone else, become your own? Is it fair when it happens? What are we supposed to believe, now?

The LIE. It was a big one, not told by me, however, inadvertently I have allowed myself to be tangled in. I knew of his wife. I don’t mind, it’s really none of my business, at least, it wasn’t, until a woman, in tears calls my home. She’s a smart, one, too. Researched the number, my name, my family. She knows a lot about me, including what I look like. It’s part of the lie that was never told. Now, I didn’t talk with D., G.’s wife. Matthew put on a 5 star performance, but, the lie got bigger.

It’s now a few hours later. I still feel guilty. It’s not my guilt, but, no one else is going to feel it, so, I will. I know not to trust someone who will lie to their lover, but, it doesn’t prevent me from being friends with G. Who knows.. maybe someday it won’t be a lie?

JustExploring96 48M

5/21/2006 11:31 pm

Unless you spoke with this person or somehow affirmed or supported the lie as truth then you are not yet involved in it. There is something of a difference between being part of the situation and actively participating in a lie either through spreading it or supporting it.

However, if it is bothering you than perhaps reassessing the situation is in order. That is something we all must deal with in our own way. For only you know what you are willing to live with and do so comfortably.

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