My first Post....  

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7/13/2005 7:55 pm

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My first Post....

Wow... finally managed to get my profile up and running.

So far, a lot of really sweet people have asked me to join their groups, and a couple that have been very, er, direct. I'm not really sure about how to go on with all of this. It's very amusing, to say the least, and for my Honey, VERY sexy.

I've chitted with some really cute, wonderful people on the phone, but, my flirting is a little rusty, so, I've got to work on that.

I've got to work on my guidelines a bit more, as well, but, at least I'm open to knew ideas and new suggestions.

Now... as to SEX, well, I think I'm going to stick in the vanilla right now. I'm relearning my body (yeah, kids change everything). It's becoming a fun journey. I miss having a straight vibrator, now, though... my ivibe has pretty much given up on me, as well... what's a girl to do? At least I still have an egg... but, those can only do so much before oversensitizing the Hel out of me.

I really like sleeves for the guys, though... I wish more companies would make them. They are SOOO kinky. It really allows my imagination to work over time... and, I get to see how my Honey would like to be worked over... Goddess, I'm such a voyuer.

Well, I'm done, for now....


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