MmmmM.. the PENIS  

WhyteRavenne 42F
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8/20/2005 8:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

MmmmM.. the PENIS

MMmm... pickles, members, little Mr.s, cocks... whatever way you want to say it, PENISes are lovely to behold (and be holdin'). Now, I am not that impressed with the myriad collection of them that seems to flood the AdultFriendFinder community. It's not that they are ugly, but, without a face, personality and interest behind them, they are as esthetically pleasing to me as dildos (Hey, that's just me). The same really goes for any graphic picture, though, since I am a nudist, body parts exposed don't get my heart a flutter and my loins quivering.

What I've been thinking about today... well after my earlier rant, is Cock Teases. I'm sure there is someone, somewhere, feeling a little blueballed 'cause of a pretty little flirt who led him down the path to paradise pussy, and left him, er, hangin'. I'm sure there is some out there who feel that I have done that to them! However, I must add here, I do not want to be a cock tease. I wish that people would be a little more forward with what they want, and what they look like. I'm not going to say that what a person looks like should make a difference, but, I'm just like everyone else. If I feel no attraction towards someone physically, chance are, I'm not going to become all hot and bothered, a panting demoness for them. There is just certain ages, races and looks that I don't dig... *shrug*, but, it's better to accept that, then try to push the issue, right.

So, why do Teasers play the games? I suppose there is always the gratification that someone, no matter how cyberly they are, is lusting after you. It boosts the shallow outside self esteem.

Cont. at a later date...

Ghostknight4 33M
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8/25/2005 5:45 pm

Good to know what you want in people... defiantely good... and it;'s always good to know where someone stands right?

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