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8/20/2005 11:00 am

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Now, I am NORMALLY a casual person. Not much bothers me, and I like to laugh at my own errors and faux pas. I, however, normally don't try to be rude to anyone, feeling that everyone has a right to their opinions and thoughts. There is a line, though... and that's personal blogs. They are diaries, journals, private thoughts that a person has decided to give as a gift to the world.

Being that it is still private, since the chances are very slim of knowing the writer, or anyone the writer may think about, a person can be fairly safe and still anonymous. HOWEVER, yes, always the buts... it can still be attacked.

The edacity of some people. You may not agree, you may never meet me, you may NEVER know who I am, what I'm like or really give a damn, you do not have to say anything rude to me in my personal blogs (yeah, I have a couple). It's not like an advice line where different opinions are critical to getting as much information as possible, it's a private gift I give to those who wish to take the time to know me.

Whew, that being said... I will state here, now, don't attack me, your wives that you may stop loving and being attracted to, your boss who you may hate, your life... do it in your own blog... and be assured, I will NEVER, EVER write anything rude or debasing in it.


(Want to know why I wrote this? Read a couple of blogs ago... lol... AND, I'm in a bit of a pmsy mood, LOVES)

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