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1/10/2006 8:12 pm

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It’s been a while since I’ve felt this badly horny. I just was not in a good place for a while. I dunno if it was the lack of self-esteem, unhappiness at work or just simply in a non-sexual mood. But in any case, I’m pretty damn horny right now.

I saw this girl today at the beach (Southern California’s been warm again, lately). COMPLETELY hot. I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her when I saw her. Reminded me of my exgirlfriend at Cal State Long Beach.

I met Pam in my English 210 class. She and I took most of the semester to finally talk. If any of you know me, you know that I’m extremely shy to random girls. So I finally talked to her because we were in class and she happened to sit next to me that day. I saw her completely confused as to what to do with her essay. So I made a couple suggestions when we were given some free time to work on our essays.

After I made some suggestions, we just started talking. That lasted through the class. We kept talking while walking out. Then, I was like, “great. Now the uncomfortable ‘goodbye’ and try to figure out how to talk to her outside of class and asking her out.” So I was going to do like normal. I was going to just say bye and walk away kicking myself for not “just going for it.”

When we got out of the building, she saved me. She asked me if I was hungry. I immediately said, “Yeah, I’m starving.” (I wasn’t. I’d eaten before class.). She had a class in an hour, so we weren’t going to go off campus. We decided on The Nugget. It was the hangout for most of the Greeks. It was funny, I think she thought I might be uncomfortable, since I’m semi-Asian in appearance. But she was a bit surprised when we got there and all my TKE brothers yelled out to me and were yelling out cat-calls at Pam.

We ended up hanging out that whole day and she never went to her class. I went with her to the dorms and hung out with her and her roommate, watching movies and talking.

That weekend, I was going to hang out with her and her roommate. The plan was that we were going to go to a party that her roommate’s boyfriend was throwing. Plans didn’t work out because Pam’s roommate ended up getting a date with this guy she was interested in.

So Pam and I just went out to dinner. Had BJ’s (great Pizzeria and Brewery in Southern California. Lol, I know it sounds like a sexual pun, huh?) and then walked along this lagoon that’s along the Long Beach Marina area. That’s when she just grabbed me and started making out with me.

popular. You know, semi-nylon/semi-elastic?) and squeezing her wonderful ass.

We eventually got completely naked and she didn’t skip a beat. She immediately straddled me and started riding me hard. I just thrust up into her and held her breasts. Ahhh, they were works of art. Seriously.

She came after about 10 minutes and then she wanted me on top. So, like a good boy, I gave her what she wanted. I put her legs over my shoulders and started fucking her in missionary. She told me I remember pushing her against some wooden railing and just grinding into her. I grasped her ass. I love semi-small asses. Most people I know now love big asses, but I like’m small. I want to cup the ass, not have to spread my hands and feel like it’s overflowing.

Needless to say, we were getting hot. We hopped into my truck, went back to the dorms and started making out on her bed. I have issues with making the first move, so I was content with her taking the lead. She was an aggressive girl anyway, so I think she liked it that way. After some dry humping with her on top, she reached into my pants and started grasping my cock. My hands traveled under her pants (lol, this was back in the time where those semi-stretchy black pants were she loved it when her legs were pushed back like that. She started moaning the my dick felt so big.

I knew that was total shit. I’m average (although, in my mind, I think I’m small). But hey, what are going to say, “oh, you’re dick’s small, but it’s doing the job!” LOL.

The worst thing was that after she came two more times, I was going to cum and I asked her if I should pull out. She said I didn’t have to since she was on the pill but she liked cum on her breasts. So I conceded to her wishes. After a minute longer, I pulled out and was cumming on her breasts.

Problem was that we had the music on so loud (she was a LOUD moaner and we didn’t want her suite-mates to hear… by the way, there were 5 rooms to a suite ‒ hence, suite-mates) and we didn’t hear her roommate come in. Janie just started clapping.

After a couple seconds of horrified staring, Pam and I scrambled for some clothes or a blanket. For a minute, Janie just laughed her ass off. Then, we joined in. There wasn’t much else to say, I guess. She just teased us.

Pam and I got in the showers to clean up. We fooled around a bit in there too, but just kept it to fondling and me fingering her to an orgasm. After that, Pam just decided I might as well sleep over.

The most surreal thing was that in the middle of the night, Pam asked Janie if she minded if Pam and I fucked. Janie had been tossing and turning, so we knew she was still up. Janie just said, “hey, you used to have to put up with Eric and me fucking all the time, you deserve it.”


So Pam and I had more sex. Mostly her on top. When I looked over, I could tell Janie was fingering herself under the covers. This time, I came inside Pam and we went to sleep cuddling and kissing.

When I woke up, I was inside Pam again and she was just grinding her clit on me. I rolled her over (sorta… more like we hand to MANUEVER in that bed. We’re talk’n about dorm beds here!) and started pounding into her. I pulled out and came on her breasts again.

Once again, I forgot about Janie. She just said, “wow, I need to get shit started with Phil (the guy she was interested in) soon. You guys are making me HOT!”

Alas, that was as risqué as it got with us three. No threesomes or anything like that. But it definitely was exciting. Pam was great in bed. Moaners are AWESOME! LOL

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