close, but no cigar!  

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5/28/2005 5:16 pm

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close, but no cigar!

The other night, my boss had some people over for some drinks. A couple of the guys got there early and were, of course, talking about the women who work in the office and who they'd like to sleep with. There are many good looking girls there. But they're either lesbian, into hotter guys that I am, or just attached.

After a while, some girls started to show up. Two of them in particular were getting attention.

The funny thing, is that I’m really good friends with them, since I get along with girls easy and although I DO maybe want to fuck them, I don’t really try anything because I like them more as friends and don’t want them to go, “eww, don’t talk to me anymore!”

Anyway, they were amused at me, because they’d never seen me drunk. So two of the hot ones (among some of the hot ones the guys were talking about) and I decide to go out to the balcony to just get some air. “Rachel” and “Steph” (changing the names just in case) where sitting on either side of me on this big single-seat chair that was big enough to squeeze us in. it was nicely cushioned, so it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Anyway, Rachel and Steph are lesbians. Well, they sorta have bi tendencies, but predominantly lesbians. Anyway, they like me and trust me because I’m not always fucking asking to see them go at it. Anyway, they were kissing each other over me. Then, Rachel decided to just kiss me on the forehead. It was kinda one of those, “I love you, you’re a good friend” kind of things. Then Steph did the same thing. Then it just started going down. My eyes, my nose, my cheeks. And they were all playful. Then Steph said something like, “you know, he’s a nice guy, I’d love to see how he kisses.”

So then she kisses me and it starts off kinda awkward, then gets pretty heavy. So we make out for about 3 mins straight and don’t even know what’s happening. When we came up for air, I noticed Rachel’s hand was up Steph’s skirt and Steph was wriggling a little. Then Rachel leaned down and said, “You better kiss me as well as Steph.”

That’s when the angels came down from heaving and went “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I swear bells were ringing, volcanoes erupted and the sky was blanketed with comets.

To me, these girls were unbreakable. Every guy in the office has tried to get with them.

Anyway, they decided they want to get out of there, so we go through the apartment and tell everyone that Steph and Rachel need to go home and I’m taking them. Which is bogus, because I’m drunk and high.

Well, we leave there with Steph driving and Rachel and I just making out in the back. We finally get to their apartment and when we get in, Rachel says, “wait, let’s make sure you know… We don’t want you to fuck us. We’re still not comfortable with guys. So you won’t get much… are you okay with that?” I was SOOO okay with that. I would’ve PAID to eat them out.

Anyway, they get naked, while I correctly guess that they want me to keep my shorts on. They grab my arms and take me to Steph’s bedroom and I start going down on Rachel when Steph sits on Rachel’s face. I gave them oral over and over. I finger-fucked them in the cunts and sometimes in the ass.

Eventually, while they were resting, I think they were feeling a bit guilty, because they asked if I wanted them to give me a handjob or a blowjob. I could tell that they really didn’t want to, but wanted to be nice. So told them it was okay and just attacked Steph’s pussy with my tongue again.

Later, Rachel was kissing me and Steph pulled down my pants and started playing with my cock. She seemed to be having fun with it. It was so amusing, it wasn’t really sexy or arousing. But it was fun, nonetheless. Not to mention, it was SORT of hot, since it’s been a while since my dick’s felt a girl’s hands!

Anyway, she tried to suck my cock, but after about a minute, she said she didn’t like it. So Rachel, who’s the more bi one and who has had more experience with men, goes down on me. It was good, but after a while, she said she was over it.

After that, I just ate them out a bit more. Then I told them I should probably go home. They said hell no. So we all went to sleep. Them naked, me in my shorts. I have to say, it was nice to wake up to two sets of legs and arms entangling me.

When they got up, since they had to be at work at 10am today, I ate each of them out. They joked that I was probably a little better at eating pussy than they were. RIGHT! So we talked about it, since it was a new development for us. We decided that we’re not going to make plans to do it or to not do it again. My thing is that I don’t know if I could keep going with them and not fuck them or not have my cock have any attention. So they understood, but enjoyed having someone else they trust in their bed.

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