ahh, the beach and older women  

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5/20/2005 2:46 pm

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ahh, the beach and older women

Mmmmmmmmm, the beach. Love it.

I just spent about 4 and half hours at Hermosa Beach (as usual on a day off). I love the beach for 3 reasons:

1) it’s relaxing either if your with your friends or listening to music if your by yourself.
2) it’s much cooler because you’ve got the breeze, with relaxes you if you choose to fall asleep
3) you get to see some hot-ass girls

There was a couple that were just HOT. I got hit on by a 15-year old. God, she was hot and she LOOKED like she was 18 at least… but I didn’t want to take a chance with that.

Why can’t an older woman hit on me? Or even, my age? I always tend to attract younger girls. Lately, I’ve been having this attraction to women over 30. I mean, I still LOVE those from 18-30. But I’ve also been completely turned on by an older women.

I think it’s because all the girls I’ve been hooking up with (18-25ish) have been boring in bed and just want you to service them. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE servicing them. That’s what gets me off the most. But I also like a little bit of attention.

Older women have a reputation of being skilled and also knowing how to give and take with sex and foreplay. And the two women over 25 (one 29 and the other 43) were amazing.

The 43 year old was in great shape was just AMAZING in bed. Two selfless people in bed make amazing orgasms. She said I was the first guy to give her a multiple orgasm by oral leading into penetration. She made me cum so many times that I couldn’t get hard again for a day. She’s the only woman that’s ever done that to me.

Of course, she was a bit taboo, because she was my ex-girlfriend’s best friend’s mom. Follow that? Lol.

But anyway… just talking to some older women at work, they’ve affirmed everything I say. They’re raging sex-pots that love sex. Too bad they’re all married. Or shall I say, too bad they’re faithful? Lol.

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