Part 2  

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5/6/2005 12:21 pm

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Part 2

Okay, soooooo back to a little of what happened with Kristen and Stacy:

So Stacy wanted me to keep up the charade with Kristen that we were cheating on Stacy. I guess it made it kinda funny to Stacy and she was really getting off on that. For a week, I’d “sneak” into Kristen’s room and have some fun with her. That’s when I realized that her and Stacy were VERY much alike. They were both kinky as fuck. See, Kristen got off on sucking my cock when I’d sneak in, because she could still taste Stacy when I’d fucked Stacy earlier in the nights.

We’d 69 or one would perform oral on the other, then move on to fucking. We just naturally fucked any way we wanted. It was great, because both Stacy and Kristen were never demanding. It was just a matter of pleasing each other and yourself at the same time. One big difference in fucking Kristen, was that she’d often have to either kiss me hard or bite down on a corner of a pillow when we were fucking, because we “couldn’t give away that we were cheating”. LOL. That was funny. She had almost bit me before, but to maintain the illusion, I told her she couldn’t do that, or I’d have to explain to Stacy where the bite marks came from.

FYI ‒ This was never a problem with my relationship with Stacy. Remember SHE wanted me to do it. Plus, I didn’t develop any feelings for Kristen, and I felt no less for Stacy. Stacy and my relationship had developed in the way that we both knew we weren’t “The One’s” for each other, yet still felt pretty strongly for another. But she’d experience a “free love” kind of relationship before, and our developed into that. We met swingers, girls for threesomes, and other deviant actions with toys and positions. But they were never a priority and it was never about trying to be kinky. It always sorta developed. I dunno why I wanted to say that. I guess I just want people to know I’m not ONLY about getting laid. Far from it, actually…

Anyway, after the second week, was when Stacy had introduced the idea of her watching and Kristen and I taking risks. She wanted me to push Kristen a bit to see her reaction. So Stacy would hide after sneaking in home earlier than normal and wait on the days that Kristen and I would be out of work or school early. Then she’d watch while Kristen and I would fuck each other in the living room, until 5 mins before Stacy would normally come home. Kristen would freak out a bit, but didn’t want me to stop fucking her. Then, as soon as we would cum, Stacy would slip out her balcony and climb to the hallway of their apartment and walk heavily so that we knew she was coming. Kristen would panic and run to her room with her clothes, while I’d casually get my clothes. I’d go to Stacy’s room and wait for her and tell her all about it.

One day, I didn’t quite make it to Stacy’s room when she pounced on me and started sucking my cock. I just moaned as she kept sucking me and muttering about how good Kristen and I tasted. I was shocked when she called out to Kristen. It was quiet, then Stacy yelled again, “Kristen, get your ass in her NOW!”

After that, it was completely surreal. I’m naked, with Stacy holding my dick and Kristen’s eyes are wide. Stacy told her everything. And then she dropped the bomb on Kristen. Stacy said something like, “And I’ve wanted to eat you out for years, it’s been so long. And I want to share James with you.”

I think it was 30 sec. until Kristen reacted. She just pulled off her clothes, knelt down and kissed Stacy. I’m not sure who muttered it, but one of them said, “I’ve missed this.” Then it was just flesh on flesh everywhere. First, they 69ed and I just watched. I knew how long Stacy had wanted to do that with Kristen.

Come to find out, they both wanted it. They’d been lovers before for a bit, when they were “experimenting”. They genuinely both like each other and loved being bisexual, but then Kristen had gotten a boyfriend and didn’t want to cheat on him. So they stopped and it just never started again.

Anyway, after a bit of that, I started helping. I ate out both of them. They both sucked me. I’d fuck one doggy-style while they ate out the other girl. I’d lay on my back while one rode my dick while the other rode my face.

I fucked for about 4 hours on and off. When I was out of commission, we’d perform oral on each other. But it wasn’t hard for either of them to get me hot.

After that night, we’d often all sleep together. I’d fuck both of them whenever they were in the mood (all the time). For a couple months, it was like we were all dating each other. It was funny how it actually worked as a kinda weird relationship.

Kristen got a boyfriend we all saw was straight-edge within 2 mins of meeting him, so we stopped having sex with her. LOL, she’d shout through the wall sometimes at night when Stacy and I got loud, “STOP!!! You’re tempting me to go over there to fuck the both of you!”

A couple months later, Stacy met a guy that kinda drove a wedge between us. As I had said before, we both knew it wasn’t a super-deep attachment. And she met a guy that worked for the same company as she, just at another site, she wasn’t sure what to do. I made the decision for her. I knew I didn’t want to come between the possibility of true love.

Fast forward to today:

Stacy’s been married to that guy for about a year and a half. Nice guy. We all don’t talk to much, because he never could warm up to me, because I represented Stacy’s “wild side”. Not to mention, Stacy and I would act too familiar with each other for his comfort. So, out of respect from him, I don’t really talk to her much. He’s a nice guy and they’re great for each other.

Kristen moved away about 2.5 or 3 years ago. After the straight-edge boyfriend, she and I had a fuck-buddy thing going on for a couple months, but then we both met people. Her boyfriend, who at the time was just a date, introduced me to a girl who became my girlfriend. They both had had issues when we told them of our fuck-buddy relationship. It was great, because they both trusted us when we told them it was over when we started seeing our respective partners. Unfortunately, neither of those relationships worked out.

And now… I just have memories of a kinky time. Not many guys can say that that’s happened to them. Maybe a different variation. But just like this? Probably not.

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