Laundry Boredom  

WhisperAngel069 34F
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8/26/2006 12:28 pm
Laundry Boredom

Okay Im doing laundry and it reminds me of better times lol...ahhhh *sigh* those were the days....I ordained laundry time in the dorm as Laundry Room Confessions...I put things in the dryer and then theres the spin cycle....Im positively swooning in memories!! Being taken on the washer or dryer...hmmm I think I might write a sex book...I'd need a another Madonna the 2nd...Just kidding I prefer a lower profile and hmmm I miss being on the bottom...anyways Imma take a camera and take some of the sights....Does anyone have Laundry Room Confession??? I'll share mine....

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