What happens next...  

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6/29/2006 10:26 am
What happens next...

"Another dream. Yes. It is to be expected. They all come to me, at night, when I'm trying to sleep."

"When do you expect dreams to come?"

"At some convenient time. Like during the day, when something can be done about them. Or they can be dismissed as a daydream. But no, each night they appear. They almost wake me. And they make me think, puzzles and truth, and truth and solutions, and puzzles, and none of them make sense anymore."

"You are too free. You must be... restricted."

"Oh why. I lie here in my bed. Is that not restricted enough? You have another rope for me."

"A rope for your head, for you are not dead, and worse could be said, if instead of your head..."

"Ssssh! Be quiet and begone. Trouble me not. I will not wear that narrow bridle."

"But you shall. You will and wish it. When you are awake you take it upon yourself with great joy."

"When awake? The Wizard is never awake. Don't you know that? What dreams could come if that... how could I remain the wizard... in that pallad mundane world... closed minds and more closed hearts. And those who care not... and do not hear."

"You will take this rope of wisdom and with it be entwined. Around thy skull... it is power... it is primitive... emotion. From root to crown it contains thee. Thy strengths will flow more evenly than thinking can make them."

"And so you say. And so I shall wear it if you say it, for you give this Wizard no more choice than he would have if..."

"It is your choice. But now you are the primitive, the barbarian. You skulk past weeds and windings, the river winds propel thee, and the still waters stay thy motion. But you will endure within your matted maze of moist amazement."

"The crash, the crash comes down upon me. But it... it is not painful. There is no pain. I slip silently down. I flatten under the force. I feel sounds of passions growing, grown, groaning, the morning's mournful moans are no more. They wriggle and gush and and touch my silent screams with their joy."

"And so it was to be this time, and will be again. Your friends sustain you. And when you are awake, and a wizard no more, they will proclaim you spared what could have been your fate."

"Yes, you will wait inside for me. And I shall be there. A dungeon dark, a stage that sickens, a tower that tells, its tales all told, it quickens."

"And the ropes embrace, the ropes erase, they slip past soothing still the space."

"They slap and stay, they bring to play, the spirits strong and weak, will touch and speak."

"There is more."

"What more, and where, and how do I know it."

"There is kinship, and bonding, and bound thus you are, beaten bold with bounty, there is love."

"It's all you need, my friend. All you need is..."

Sunlight. And a new beginning.

twirly_girl 48F

7/6/2006 8:59 pm

I like the way you wrote this dream sequence.
Hope all is well with you.


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