The Change (a metaphor), part 2  

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2/20/2006 4:31 pm

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The Change (a metaphor), part 2

Now the doubts came quickly. The icy air cut him and took his breath as cold shards entered his lungs and added their shock to his frantic heartbeat. The shards came cold and hard, but not as frigid as an icy stare from a lady once, who whispered to him haughtily and with disdain, "Yes I do. But not with you." Surely the one he sought now would not treat him so. Surely, if he could only find her and offer her his warmth, she would be kind and grateful. If not for that, how could he search further on this treacherous night, when the air itself seemed to grow old and still with death?

"Am I good enough?" he thought to himself. "Good enough to navigate this maze?"

It's convolutions continued their maddening spiral inward and made each step a struggle against quickening vine and thickening thorn. But she would be there. He knew it. Frozen but alive. And his own heart would warm her back to life, and his own spirit would bring her back to the freedoms she so richly deserved. So far from the smothering blackness of her own unwitting slavery. For he was beyond Lord and Master. He was Protector and Prince, and he would not, could not, suffer the slow undoing of freedoms in this, her Land.

WhatDreamsMC 62M

2/24/2006 9:26 am

It will be a happy ending when there is a happy ending. The metaphor reflects reality. It IS reality. A happy ending must occur before this story can resolve. I wonder who the princess will be.

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