The Change, A Metaphor (conclusion)  

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3/27/2006 2:58 pm

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The Change, A Metaphor (conclusion)

"OK, Daddy, now's the time."

"The time for what, Little Girl."

"You know, the story."

"You've heard it a million times. Why again? Shouldn't we at least try..."

"Daddy, you never told me the ending."

"You know the ending, sweetheart. The Prince finds the Princess. They live happily..."

" What happens in the maze? How does the Prince get loose? Where's the Princess and how does the Prince rescue her?"

"Well, it's not what you think."

"Why not, Daddy?"

"The Prince doesn't rescue the Princess. He can't even get free of the maze. He's stuck in there. Likely would have frozen to death. Arrogant son of a... gun."

"That doesn't make any sense. You said the Prince prevails as Princes always do."

"That the official line, baby. The reality is not the same. OK... if you must... It's the Wizard, baby. The Wizard rescues both of them, the Prince AND the Princess."

"Oohhh... that's not right. That can't happen that way."

"Stop pouting. The Wizard uses his magick and poof... he poofs the Prince out of the maze and right to the the side of the Princess. They kiss and he poofs them both back to the Palace just in time for the Wedding of the Century."

"Well then what happens to the Wizard? Does he get a Princess?"

"That's what this is all about, baby. That's the real story here."

"I think it's a twick."

"Not a twick, dear. It's magick. The real stuff. The right thing."

"OK, Daddy. Good night."

"Good night, baby. Sleep tight. We all have to wake up sometimes."

"I'll sleep really good with my Daddy here."

"So will the Wizard."

twirly_girl 48F

4/16/2006 9:07 pm

Wow. I really like your style of writing.

This story reminded me of how the other night I was just complaining about how often I've been a stepping stone for other relationships.
I always seem to be the wizard and never the prince.
I really liked this.


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