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"Please, Sir, I want to feel pain. I want pain so much. I'll do anything you want. Just make me hurt."

"Where did you come from? I do not know..."

"No, I am new to you. I know this is a Dream, and you do as well. So what does it matter what I ask. Give me the pain I seek. Please."

"I have no wish to hurt you. I am a wizard, and I hope a good one. I am sworn to do no harm. To help and protect."

"Sir, Master. You are not giving me the pain I need. You are my Master, my Dom. I will do anything you wish, anything at all, no limits. But I must have you hurt me."

"I feel your pain, my dear. It is strong already, almost unbearable. But I can ease it, soothe it, and comfort you. These are the things I do. I am a healer."

"You are no Dom then. I will have to find another. One who will hurt me, and take all my power from me. And treat me like the worthless slave I am."

"And what if I did? What if I hurt you and took your power?"

"Then you will have my love without end. I will do all you want. Anything."

"And if I heal you, comfort you, take from you your pain?"

"Then I will hate you. I will go from you. I will find a Dom who will hurt me as I should be."

"My dear, my magick then cannot help you. It does not work that way."

"Don't you want to possess me? Don't you want me to present my body to you to use as you wish? I know that you are lonely. I know that you have been lonely for a long time. I can make that loneliness go away. If only you will hurt me. Beat me, break me. Raise upon me whelts of angry red that speak of savagery and cruelty. And I will be yours."

"I cannot my dear. I care for you too much."

"You have no power then, you miserable pitiful excuse of a wizard. I despise you for your caring. Why don't you take? Very well, I will chose a knight who takes what he wants. He will hurt me and humiliate me and violate my every place and part, my very essence."

"And what of me?"

"Stay lonely you miserable wizard. Don't you know what happens to those who are nice. Don't you even try that with me. I hate you. I would rather die than have you do what you think is good. What right have you to think it?"

"Then I will try not to think of you at all. I cannot. It hurts me too much."

"Hurt away, Wizard. I'm on my way to be hurt, and give myself to a Dom. Think about what could have been yours. What you will never have now. What you will never feel in your miserable bleeding heart."


"Please go. I cannot stand this any longer."


(to be continued)

twirly_girl 48F

5/25/2006 11:20 am

Poor wizard...
Wish I could help him.


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