Definition of BLOG...  

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5/1/2006 3:56 pm

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Definition of BLOG...

susie1971 kindly informed me from where the term BLOG was derived.However,I have my own definition,lol.
I think it's Bizarre Love Of Genitals,hahahaha.Now,before you all get angry with me,let me explain.I'm a new blogger and have been helped on my way by some great people ( special mention for Mac x )I'm addicted to reading and commenting on the blogs already and find the subject matter in these to be very thought provoking.What a wonderful community of people you are to welcome so openly a messed up guy like myself in to your ranks.I have been truly overwhelmed by the friendship shown to myself,thank you all.I've laughed and smiled more since I started blogging than,well,goodness knows,hahaha ( oh,add blogging to the happy list snatchmatch71,lol ) Anyway,I am getting to the point,honest.Because of the aforementioned,I FORGET that this is actually an adult site.Therefore when I read a post about a serious topic and see a comment from a profile of,say a guy with a naked pic of him with his cock dangling out,I can't help laugh.I know I shouldn't laugh,because the comment is invariably so nice,yet I can't help it.Just seems inappropriate,yet I know it's not.Women,please carry on regardless,lol.Sorry,that's a sexist remark.Actually,no I'm not sorry,hahahaha.I love women.Now guys reading this will no doubt think ''this guy's lost the plot'' True,lol,long time ago.However,call me old fashioned,but if I'm going to pass advice or comment on someone with a very real problem it only seems decent to do it with my cock tucked away,lol.Guys may also say''if you had a cock worth showing,you'd do the same,lol'' Wrong !! My mind has always taken precedence over my dick.Anyway,you need to keep something in reserve,don't you ? Now,oh dear,I'm rambling now.As always however,I'm ''cleansed'' hahahahahaha

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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5/1/2006 8:33 pm

do you hear me you are FUNNY. . . blog defintion. . . LOL!. . .addition to happy list. . LOL! you crack me up out loud, quite honestly. . .and then your topic so true. . .just before i was here, did a post on a friends blog who found out just recently about an illness in the fmaily. i'm all well gosh this response looks kind of innappropriate in my BRA. . .you are right on tune my man. . right on. . . .k. . .must pick up the pace runz tatafornow. . .. smilz heehee

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