Hello. Ladies in or around Ft. Myers please apply!  

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2/5/2006 10:47 pm

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Hello. Ladies in or around Ft. Myers please apply!

Ladies of Ft. Myers or the Ft. Myers area find me and have sex with me! I'm a dirty blond/brown haired blue eyed guy who's about 5'11-6'0 (haven't measured in a while) tall and in good shape i'm also white (incase it's an issue) I also don't care what race you are pussy is pussy. I'm also decently intelligent and conversational, chances are you don't want me for that I say all the better I'm really here just to give you another man to have sex with. If size is an issue I've never measured but I guess i'm above average in size and thickness cause magnums are the only nice feeling size I can wear plus i've never heard any complaints and managed to hit one of my partners wall, if you would like more info on that you can measure or feel for yourself that sounds more fun anyway. You don't need to ask me for a photo i'll put one up soon enough if my photo doesn't do it for you then don't contact me, if you would like to see more ask me I prefer not to let myself be completely seen in photos though i'll pretty much give you a picture of any part of me but my dick, and that you can see for yourself anyway if my bodies enough for you. I must confess that I accually live in Labelle not Ft. Myers but I'm in Ft. Myers nearly everyday for gym and school as it is. I'll drive about to Estero to have sex with you, (from Labelle that is) Naples is a bit far. If you want to get me from there better contact me first and give me a few photos. I don't like to think of myself as a shallow guy but looks do matter, I'd perfer a girl who keeps herself healthy and good looking if you don't but just look good that's fine, a little weight anywhere never gave anyone a heart attack or deflated an erection, if your decent looking that's fine too just as long as you don't look like a rabid wolf went crazy on you you'll be set. Remember i'm only asking for about what I do myself i'm not the greatest eater but I do workout alot. If you want my justification for judging someone by their looks contact me and ask. I won't argue with you or try to please you with some kind of explaination beyond that. I really just want to fuck women who don't want a man around them for anything more than his dick, I am pretty much about giving it to you then leaving or giving it to you several times then leaving. But only if time permits me to, i'll make sure to enlighten you with my schedule if you want to turn me fucking you into a more than one time or spontaneous thing . I would aslo like to affirm if you don't want me around anymore, let me know. There are plenty of women on the site so don't think i'll cry about losing someone to have sex with if that bothers you. As I said in the description i'm a fan of keeping myself pretty secretive about my affairs when it comes to my life because frankly I only want you in the part where I have sex. This however also means I won't tell anything about you to anyone unless you want me to nobody will ever know and it will be our secret if you want it that way. I'm not afraid to be seen with you publicly, meeting and eatting then going somewhere to fuck. I don't care who thinks what about me, your free to say whatever you want in your blogs or ask me to comment on them or something. I will ask that you don't bother me if I decide to break it off with you which I will for any reason I choose so don't bother me about how you didn't expect it or anything. I'm not writing this to make it seem like a contract or anything ridiculous like that, I am just doing my best to be honest with you, I am a fan of honesty. I will be honest with you in everyway you can imagine. Speaking of honesty, honestly I haven't had to much sex (big suprise huh? Neither of my previous partners had much experience and I wasn't into improving it vastly back then, I am now willing to learn and work on my technique and what you want me to work on to help satisfy you. Ultimatly satisfying you is what I like to do, it gets me off, I like to get off so let me know and i'll apply it.I don't know how the standard membership works so i'll just give you all my email here Wesker017(at)hotmail.com.

Now i'll give you a bit more information about my personality and style for those who wish to know. I was born in Ft. Myers lived there most of my life until about 2 years ago when we(family I live with my parents therefore don't expect to come to my house, i'm a college student my parents make a good amount of money I don't need to work so I just read, workout and go to school.) moved about 30 miles away. I describe myself pretty independently I wear stereotype American Eagle/Calvin Klein type gear. They usually have tighter shirts so I can show my figure a bit better. I'm pretty intelligent and study philosophy alot in my freetime I particularly subscribe to Objectivism for my values (which is a reality based rational philosophy) I enjoy the works of Ayn Rand more than any other. It's getting late and I have chores and homework to do tomorrow send me an email, I don't expect a heaping ton so i'll probably respond to all that are sent. Be glad to hear from you.

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