Welshstalion001 30M
2 posts
6/19/2006 4:03 am

I havent got as clue what this is about help?

angelofmercy5 60F
17881 posts
6/19/2006 4:40 am

Welcome to the blogs! Just roam around and read other blogs....and comment on them while you are there. On your own blog....write about whatever trips your trigger. Tell a joke....a story....rant a little. Soon you will make some friends here....and who knows where it will go from there.

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
9753 posts
6/19/2006 5:21 am

You write what you want and people reply and most importantly you come to my posts and reply

Just have fun and Welcome to the blogs!

Purry {=}


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