What people say, and what is for real  

WellhungTrigger 44M
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5/15/2006 1:17 am

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5/18/2006 5:10 am

What people say, and what is for real

Lately, I'm a bit miffed at people talking about me behind my back. It seems that a slew of people have been gossiping about me to the invited one ... Which, hey, I'm the first to admit that I'm no friggin angel, but dammit, I'm not an evil muther fucker either!

For those of you who care so fucking much, here is my sheet!

I have dated a lot of women
I have had a lot of girlfriends
I have done a lot of drugs
I have been unresponsible
I have been a slut
I have been a pothead
I have been guilty of not giving a shit
I have been to jail
I have said "fuck it all" and moved to a completely different time zone
I have slept with a lot of women
I have done some things I am not proud of


But for the record

I have been in love
I have treated women like they were the only one on the planet
I no longer use drugs
I am learning to be responsible
I enjoy monogomous relationships
I even quit smoking pot
I love kids, and kids think I am the shit
I have never been to jail for anything other than alcohol, or stupid, small-time marijuana violations
I love my mom, and my grandmother, and get along with them fabulously
I may have been with quite a bit of women, but you know what? I've had very few complaints
I've never been called an asshole, creep, jerk, bully, or a cheapskate

-So blow me!-

People that don't make mistakes, are people that don't try anything new.

Those that have a squeeky clean past are doomed to be eaten alive by those that don't.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

-anything else?-

Oh yeah, white people suck!


MysteryDreamer 58F

5/15/2006 3:06 am

I dont know you hon, so I havent talked about you. I dont judge either. It says alot about you just the fact you love your mom and grandmother. I am glad you have lived life to the fullest, I cant say that about me though. I would never call anyone names either. I am not an angel, but am far from devilish. I am white, and I love to suck
Have a great day hon.

WellhungTrigger 44M
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5/15/2006 7:09 am

-Dys- and -Mys-

Please note that I don't hate ALL white people, just those overly white, goody two shoes, I'm holier than thou, flaming republican types.
I am a white boy, pure southern bred, with straight up European ancestry. But it seems like white people are so fucking stupid, naieve, and think that they are sooooo much better than others that it makes me want do disown my own race.
What should I check on the census form?
{ } Latin
{ } African
{ } Caucasian
{ } Asian
{ } Prefer not to say
{X} Embarrassed by past predjudices, discraces, nepotistic behaviors, dance moves, and injustices incurred upon others so vehemently deny any affiliation with ancestry.


-Dys- I quit smoking pot about two months ago, because I got a gypsy bone up my ass and was planning on joining the Navy. That may or may not happen still... I'm still waiting on this court date, which does involve a small bit of pot that the White boy copper found.

Oh, That's another thing, guess who pushed to make Marajuana illegal? Some racist white boy named William Randolph Hurst. Media Mogul, Millionaire, racist, who created headlines like "Marajuana is corrupting your children!" and "Refer crazed Jazz musicians white women on Marajuana fueled romp"

Asshole. Fucking white people! Ooooooo!


JustaSeeker 107F

5/15/2006 4:54 pm

You just sound like an average Carolina boy to me. Except for the going to jail part. Shame on you. Ok, we're done with the admonishment segment and can go on now. Interesting post.

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