Mi llamo es Blog monster  

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3/11/2006 7:03 pm

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Mi llamo es Blog monster

No. 1 just called me the blogmonster.

I did it! I asked her over for dinner.

She came!

I cooked!

We ate!

It was yummy!

I cooked up the bomb ass meal. I made, get this: Red beans and rice, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and I had pork tenderloin marinated overnight.

(Cajun chef voice) Hooo wee! That was a mighty fine meal thar, I gar-un-tee!

Unfortunately, She doesn't eat pork. Not because of religous beliefs, (Thank God!) she just doesn't like it. So, I made her chicken teriyaki.

She liked the meal alot. She brought her baby boy over. He's a cutie. He was very well behaved.
7 mos. old. Pretty blue eyes like his momma.

But alas, she had to go, put the kiddo to bed, etc. Soooo... In the long run, Let's just say,

I didn't get no booty!!

So, that sucks, I'm frustrated now. Maybe I'll hock down some bar slut. Nah.

{Pulp Fiction scene, John Travolta in bathroom}
"So, here's what your gonna do, you're gonna go back in there, you're gonna say goodnight, you're gonna go home, and you're gonna jack-off, and that's all you're gonna do!"

-There ya have it.-
(J.F.K voice) Let me tell all you people, that today I say, "Ich bin ein blogger!"


P.S. Sorry for yelling, Damn thing wouldn't de-size.

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