The word I'm looking for is 'livid'....  

Weirdie 59M
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7/21/2006 11:25 pm

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8/27/2007 12:11 pm

The word I'm looking for is 'livid'....

I can't believe I'm having to put up with this. I sure as hell can't believe my *lady* is having to put up with this.
She goes out to have a romp with a guy she's been with before, one she knows is good enough in bed to be worth her time. And yeah, she has a delightful little romp, and calls me up to tell me about it, a very happy girl.
And yes, I'm happy. Of course I am. I want her to feel as spoiled as she can possibly feel, at all times. The better her lovers are, the better I like it.
So far so good. Until...
First, he starts acting like she's his girlfriend. Apparently it never occurred to him to ask *her* opinion of this arrangement. Second, he makes a remark in passing about how he doesn't really like doing all the stuff he does to make a woman happy, he only does it to make the women want to do the stuff he *does* like.
Well okay, suddenly she feels like she's been treated like a cheap little throwaway toy you'd pick up in a convenience store. As you'd expect, she was angry and hurt.
Me? Ah, I took it well.
I wanted to kneecap the worthless piece of shit. Still do, to some extent.
Let me put it this way. My lady is a delightful little party girl, proud and happy to let her libido lead her around, just as I do. This man is the second best partner she's ever had.
And yet, he's not gonna get any with her anymore. Not EVER. Not because of me, either. That was HER decision.
My lady has read what I've written here. So far she has consistently given the impression that she is proud of me, and wholeheartedly approves of my opinions. She doesn't understand monogamy any better than I do.
And yet, we seriously discussed becoming monogamous today. Not because our delight in intimately sharing others has changed. Because we both feel that she should not have to be subjected to this sort of garbage EVER AGAIN.

If you act like you enjoy doing something but really don't, YOU ARE LYING TO US. If you act as if our relationship is something you can just waltz in and destroy, YOU ARE INSULTING US.
Be advised, if you deal dishonestly or disrespectfully with my lady, you WILL find yourself facing someone with an excellent knowledge of weaponry and tactics and NO SENSE OF HUMOR AT ALL.
I would expect the same of any other couple you interact with.

Now ya know, I am not a violent person. Anyone who knows me *at all* can tell you this. But there are some offenses to which violence truly IS an appropriate response. Am I threatening anyone? Not at all. I am letting you know that you better fix your attitude before you attempt to make others pay the price of it. If you don't, every encounter you have is just a way of *begging* to be maimed for life, or worse. Just because a man shares his lady doesn't change the basic facts of a loving relationship. She is still his lady, and you hurt her at your MOST DEADLY peril.

_RoSe_ 48F
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7/24/2006 1:02 am

You tell em!!!! I know you are not a violent person..and btw you do have a sense of humor...Smooches!!

"A life without passion is not a life; it is merely an existence."

Weirdie 59M

7/24/2006 11:54 am

Thank you rose... and yeah, most of the time I have a sense of humor. But not when I feel someone has been abusive of my lady, I don't. I can turn into the most humorless bastard it would ever be your misfortune to meet.
And at that, a guy who has gone there should be thankful if he's made me lose my sense of humor. If I'm that ready to go caveman on him, and yet I still have my sense of humor, he's *really* in trouble.
He does NOT want me applying my imagination and my "Oooo, this would be fun and different" attitude to the task of making his life a misery.

BloodthirstyRPer 34F
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7/24/2006 6:10 pm

*Evil cackle at the last line* Oh my god Weirdie....*EVIL CACKLE* I LOVE it!! OH that is too perfect.

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