Questions for men: (With thanks and praise to The One True Brat for help and knowledge).  

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Questions for men: (With thanks and praise to The One True Brat for help and knowledge).

1. If you don't have the patience to wait until tomorrow to fuck her, why should she think you have the patience to be any good in bed? Sure, wanting it NOW can be attractive... but not when you bitch and whine about it.

2. If you don't pay attention to her in the chat room or in IM, why would she think you have the attention span to be any good in bed?

3. If you aren't articulate and imaginative, how can you expect to make an impression in a typewritten medium, whether it's chat, email or blogs? NOTE: Being able to spell helps here.

4. If the first words out of your mouth are "I'm bored", why should people not assume you are *BORING*?

5. Are you unaware that women *talk*? If you treat one of them badly, shouldn't you expect every woman who knows her to have heard about it within 24 hours? And told the story in such a way as makes you look like complete and utter SHIT?

6. Do you think wearing a condom is optional just because it's inconvenient *for you*? Chances are she doesn't care for them much either, ya know?

7. If your and/or your partner's bodily fluids are so disgusting to you.... um, why are you having sex in the first place? I mean, that's the whole POINT, isn't it?

8. If you're always pushing her for a 3some with another woman, and yet the only time she asked you about another man you acted horrified and changed the subject.... well, can you give me a reason why she shouldn't treat you as the bigot you are?

9. Are you unaware that nearly every woman on earth knows men will chase her, while only few men qualify for such attention from women? And you're gonna come on as if she *owes* you something, as if agreeing to have lunch with you equals agreeing to have sex with you? Are you mental? It's one thing to be confident, to know you are worth her attention, and the things you do automatically will draw her when she's ready. It's another entirely to act as if her choices and preferences matter for nothing. After all, you're *hoping* that she'll choose YOU.

10. You realize that none of the above is exactly rocket science, huh? If any of the above comes as a surprise, what does that say about you?

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