Note to those who read these words...  

Weirdie 59M
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8/7/2006 1:43 pm

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Note to those who read these words...

Just so ya know....

I have often asked friends and acquaintances to read this, and always tell them any comments will be appreciated. Should I be surprised by how few comments I get?
Well, perhaps I shouldn't be. Most of my friends here I see in the chat room, and they know from personal experience how vicious and cutting I can be to those I perceive as being stupid.
What you may not know, because it happens so rarely, is how kind and helpful I can be to those who may disagree with me, and yet are obviously *not* stupid.

Please understand, I believe everyone should make their own choices, and be happy with them. I have no desire whatsoever to take anyone's choices away from them. The choices I have made and talked about here, and the reasons for them, I consider well thought out and valid. If you disagree, *please* tell me so. I am fully aware that I am just as likely to miss something obvious or make a stupid choice as anyone I know. If I have given you reason to think you would like the mind behind these words, if there is something inside you that considers these words those of a friend, *please* do the office of a friend and help me stop wallowing in my own stupidity, if such it be.

Also, please keep in mind that, while I believe the things I say here, my feelings here represent *choices*. I have *chosen* to believe that the things I do, as talked about here, are worth what they cost. I promise you, sometimes the cost can be steep indeed. There are many normal male (read: testosterone driven) impulses that must be overcome, and it's a struggle that can take years.
That hard won victory means that I never have to deal with feelings of jealousy, which I regard as another name for distrust, ever again. I count that as worth what it costs me, no matter how expensive. You may disagree with my assessment of what jealousy is and what it does, or you may disagree with whether or not it is worth what I pay to be free of it. In the same sense, you and I may disagree on whether it's worth the extra money to get a Lexus rather than a Honda. But regardless of our differences of opinion, I won't call you someone with more money than sense for buying a Lexus, nor will I call you too cheap to see a worthwhile value because you bought a Honda.

Please, share your thoughts with me. If we disagree, I may wish to debate you, in order to clarify your thinking *and* mine. But I promise you, if you show that you have thought about the *why* of what you do, I will treat you as someone whose mind I respect.

Please, share your thoughts.

texasgrrrl 39F

8/10/2006 9:50 am

honey....just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful weekend....didnt quite know where to put that so....chose here for it.
my fantasies came true and you made my first AdultFriendFinder party a wonderful time. i am so happy that my first party was with you; that i got to meet all the wonderful people that i did and that i got to spend that time with you.
"what binds us together can never be loosed"

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