How far will you go?  

Weirdie 59M
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7/20/2006 3:55 pm

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How far will you go?

There's a question for all you folks. How far will you go to make your partner feel like they've gone to heaven without having to die first?
Now sure, all you single players out there have a different perspective than us folks who have someone we're attached to at the hip.
Nonetheless, the question remains valid. I dunno about any of YOU guys and gals, but when I have sex I want it to be a joy on as many levels as possible. I mean sure, put *this* in *there* and move it back and forth is a wonderful part of it.... eventually. But it's only a part of it. Going exploring, finding new erogenous zones your partner didn't even know they had... buddy if you missed that part you have fuckin A MISSED IT. Finding out how someone reacts to being stroked as opposed to being scratched, nibbled as opposed to bitten...
Whoo. My my, I do go on.... whoo.
Um, anyway....
And snuggling afterwards... oh my brothers and sisters, if you sleep through that part you are doing yourself a disservice. I mean, comepletely aside from the joys of snuggling just to snuggle, snuggling has a way of turning into afterplay... which has a way of turning into foreplay...which has a way of turning into hot sweaty monkey sex.... which has a way...
In nearly 50 years I have yet to find a better way to waste away a whole damn weekend. Make sure you have food that can be cooked in the microwave, or not at all. DON'T FORGET THE GATORADE.
And don't forget that going exploring in the mind is even better than exploring the body. Think about your own experiences and fantasies for a moment. Got one that's powerful enough to be an actual distraction any time you think about it? I mean, you become a traffic hazard if you think about it while driving? Can you imagine how much more passionate you would be with someone who would wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, try to make that a reality for you? Ever had sex be *much* better solely because of the thoughts in your head, thinking, "OMG I'm such a nasty lil perv, I can't believe I'm doing this! And I *really* can't believe that he/she LOVES it!" Now imagine how passionate the response would be from someone whose fantasies you embraced as if they were your own.
And yeah, you may be subject to the automatic 'eeeewww, that's gross' reaction. And if you wanna go with that reaction, well that's your call. But before you do, I'd like you to think about two things. First, how much of those automatic reactions are just the prejudices of your parents and your neighbors, and *their* fear of being thought too nasty, too pervy by *their* neighbors. Well how much are you gonna get pushed around by people you don't even know, most of whom are *dead*?
Second.... well, to me, sex is kinda like a hamburger. If it wasn't messy and kinda gross, was it really very good?

PaganTx22 47F

7/21/2006 1:18 am

I was taught from an early age to have an open mind about things, its how you learn new perspectives and maybe a new way to express yourself. If you listen to someone else's fantasy you might just discover a whole new realm of pleasure you never expected before. Do you think that all those people who are into bondage just magically appeared in the same place at the same time? No, they may have heard someone talking about it, or watched a video or whatever and found like minded people who share their interest. This goes with any kind of sexual bahavior , not just fetishes. Do you think that bi women just decided that they were bi one day? No , they experimented and found that they liked it. I agree with the messy and kinda gross thing, but that is what makes it fun!

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