Hmmm... I gotta question...  

Weirdie 59M
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7/15/2006 4:30 pm

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8/27/2007 12:10 pm

Hmmm... I gotta question...

What the hell is the deal with people's attitudes towards bi men? Is it just cos this is Texas? It doesn't seem so, it seems pretty universal. Go pretty much anywhere and you can find oodles and oodles of bi ladies and men who go gagaa over them. Go pretty much anywhere and if a man openly admits that he's bi, he's just cashed in his chances of ever getting laid *by a woman* in that group ever again, not to mention the snide remarks about 'pickle puffers' & such, along with the implicit assumption that bi actually equals 'gay guy who gets with women so he'll fit in'.
Ya know, it's sad that such an obvious crock of steaming horse hockey actually *needs* to be dignified with an answer.
The simple answer is, guys, that you can take nearly any of the most pervy and disgusting ideas in your head, turn them 180 degrees, and find out that they're pretty much the norm among the most pervy and disgusting ideas that live in *women's* heads. The bad news for all you nilla straight guys out there is this means A LOT of the women you meet in your lives will secretly wish to see you with another man, but either won't have the courage to say so or won't have the patience to want to deal with your reaction.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm all about pleasin the ladies, and have no problem makin the guys fend for themselves. Women make my teeth sweat. Guys... well, guys just tend not to have that effect on me.
And ya know, I'm all good with guys who don't wanna go there. Nooooooo problem, I promise. But at the same time..... I dunno, I can't find it in myself to punish a woman I love for being a nasty pervy lil girl, when that's PRECISELY one of the things I love about her so. I mean sure, she may have to pass on me and some other guy doin each other.... but does that mean I should get all eeew that's gross and oh my god I would never do that because she wants a DP and we *may* touch BY MISTAKE at some point? I mean c'mon guys, where the fuck does the paranoia END?!?
I think I can safely assure you that most of you DON'T wanna know about just how twisted and kinky I can get in pursuit of giving my lady a 20 minute continuous orgasm. But I'm sorry guys, if you stop at the mere *thought* of touching another man by mistake in the process of increasing a woman's joy in you both... well hell guys, you aren't hardly tryin.

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7/15/2006 5:44 pm

You go, baby! There's no difference between 2 girls together or 2 guys together. I think it's homo paranoia. I'm bi, but not a lesbian. Why can't guys be bi, and not gay? There shouldn't be a stigma for men, yet MEN are the ones who seem to have the problem with it. Why is that guys? What's the big deal?

siamsammy135 47M
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7/16/2006 5:45 am

ha ha ha...

i've posed this question to many people and don't ever get an answer.

good luck finding one.

but honestly...most men i have met claiming bi were really gay...most not all.

Weirdie 59M

7/16/2006 9:20 am

I'm sure there are a fair number of them... I guess what pisses me off is 1) the assumption that he's gay, the assumption that he's lying if you will, and 2)the double standard. 2 women together are hot as hell, pretty universally men's opinion, and yeah, being a man I agree with it. But 2 men together is sick and gross and eeew. Seems like that must be a men's opinion that women don't care to challenge, cos lots of women I know say differently *in private*. So I end up feeling like what the hell, are we still in the 19th century, does womens' opinion still count for zilch-point-shit?

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