Life's Ironies  

WeaponsFighter 48M
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9/10/2006 5:55 am

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9/17/2006 7:52 am

Life's Ironies

Scott comes home from work to find his house empty, with the exception of a few boxes and note written on his refrigerator. On the note it says:

Dear Husband,

Today was the last straw. I got a call from your boss asking me why you quit your job. Then, my friend, Alicia,the travel agent, called to tell me you were buying two airplane tickets to Rio.

I made you your favorite dinner last night, pork chops, and you didn't touch it. I went out and got sexy lingerie to wear for you last night. After looking at me, you rolled over and went to sleep.

I'm not going to live like this anymore. I'm leaving with your brother, Phil, and moving to West Virginia. I hope you're happy with the rest of your life.

Your Wife,


After reading the note, Scott chuckled a bit, and took out his pen. He wrote a note in return, which said:

Dear Wife,

I quit my job today because I just won the lottery. I went and bought us two tickets to Brazil, even though I knew you were spending your days with Phil, since he has no job. I had hoped we could work things out.

The dinner has been Phil's favorite for years. I had stopped eating pork 10 years ago. Perhaps, you were confused.

The lingerie was nice, but I saw it had the price tag still on it for $50, which is how much I lent my brother the other day.

I hope the two of you enjoy West Virginia, and live happily ever after.

Your Husband,


p.s. I'm surprised it doesn't bother you that Phil used to be my sister, Phyllis.

BlueEyedSoul65 52M
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9/10/2006 7:25 am

Funny. Sounds like the premise for next weeks Springer show.

Breathelessbimbo 50F

9/17/2006 7:31 am

I had a good giggle at this...good stuff babes.

Im sending this to a gym friend.

WeaponsFighter replies on 9/17/2006 7:46 am:
You have my best wishes to pass any of my thoughts on. Thank you.

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