A shower a day  

WeAreLostSoFar 52M/49F  
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7/13/2006 10:27 pm
A shower a day

A shower a day helps keep the Doc away or at least the stink if nothing else. It depends on the month weather Cass will Make Love during that time of the month. She has been a mood lately that she has been a NO each and every time no matter what. She also has never really enjoyed fooling around in the shower ever. That changed today as I started slowly rubbing her clit after I washed her hair for the first time. We always shower together and she is normally real standoffish about messing around. But as I did play with her today she got hot and started rubbing back against me. As her breathing got heavier I started to slowly slide inside her. After a few blissful moments she was all kinds of happy that I decided to give her a little shower delight even oif it was that time of the month. lol

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