6 days in a motel room...........  

WeAreLostSoFar 52M/49F  
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8/16/2006 3:57 pm
6 days in a motel room...........

We finally had sex last night after more than 8 days mostly thanks to being in a motel room for 6 days with kids. Took the daughter to college and had to stay in a motel with 4 kids. Everytime we did anything even a little cuddling 1 of them would show up and want something. So we got close last night and the little 1 came in the back door saying he had to go potty just short of us being naked. That was a close one and he was sleepy eyed so I do not think he saw anything. We waited just a little bit then turned the DVD back on and I masssaged her clit while I sucked her tit making sure she was good and wet before we had a nice slow session of sex.

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