The Anatomy of Orgasm  

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5/8/2006 7:46 pm

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The Anatomy of Orgasm

I never thought and never will think a woman who can be open sexually without being unlocked mentally was attractive. The art of total attraction cannot be cheapened, oh yeah their is lustful graffiti, and fingerpainting where you have to ask what the hell it is, but when effort and subtlety, combined with vibrant personality especially humor are mixed with someone that is mentally mixable, someone who appreciates the fine art of attraction then orgasms on every level are attainable. Foreplay begins with ambiance, music, food, laughter, and thought provacation. Oh and you have to have good eyes and know how to make them sparkle just right. You have to have hands that are sexy to for a woman to look at, and lips that are distinctly not every day. Then if you master the use of these invaluable resources and your target is a sensual romantic at heart then lightning will strike the straw. It needs no artificial rescusiation or suport. It spontaneously combust into to warm flames that cannot burn but will certainly cause deep warm sensations. I will never try to force or fabricate true sensual mental attraction, if it cannot be birthed without surgery, and comes forth out of the womb of romantic passion on its own then it is miscarriage.Leave me out of the equation. I enjoy the interlude as well as the encore.

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5/8/2006 8:26 pm


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5/8/2006 8:40 pm

very well put.

chemistry and communication and humor have to be the basis a deep sensuality, which is drawn to another as opposites of a magnet.


HotTXpussy4U 49F

5/9/2006 9:28 am

Are you reading my mind???? - - I always knew that 1 + 1 = Fun...

Very well put sweetie! {=}

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