Past Outworn  

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5/9/2006 3:49 pm

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Past Outworn

In History's tattered pages, smudged, yellow and worn,
We strive to find the essence, the very reason we were born.
From Caesar's symbolic reign, on the Budapest,
The past is stealthily breathed into us, and never put to rest.
But is it within these pages, that true relevance relies,
Or is it our fear of foreboding the the future is despised?
Oh Gallant Arthur and Righteous Abe, whose deeds are widely known,
Isn't the soil they have trodden, that is left to be resown?
Should we as tomorrows cultivars, choose history to reside?
In glimpsing at faded photographs, is it our own face we hide?
Talks of lessons learned, wars fought and won,
We stare blankly at yesterday's moon, instead of to the sun.
Surely there are remembrances worthy of this hour,
But longer that sits the vase of milk, the more apt it is to sour.
The leaves of the past have fallen, and today new buds are sent,
They think not of leaves that have died, but frolic in the wind!
Is not the end of the old and rustic track, where steam and engine have run,
Really just a beginning place for new track to be added on?
Tradition kept, tradition swept, the dust will never leave.
But the fresness of life's renewal is in every breath we breathe.
The past is not to be mummified,
The corpse of fear to which we repent,
It is merely a simple message
That the currency of yesterdays time has already been spent.

LaPlaytogether 64M/64F

5/9/2006 4:11 pm

very good...thank you for sharing!

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