A morning yawn,,,hm,,,another great day to be alive  

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2/13/2005 5:28 am

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A morning yawn,,,hm,,,another great day to be alive

Good moring world...yawn,,,stretch.
Well, posting in the magazine is done. Coffee is still warm. I wonder what this really nice day has in store for me.
Yet another surprise? Another experience?
Time to check my emails .
Down dog, you to wait. Ill take you for a walk in a second.

Shower..what happened to the hot water, it got cold fast!

reflections on the week

S WF : great birthday party at the tavern. Loved singing with her. Crazy lady! Told me she had no underpants on. Now that was a surprise! And the court people wonder why I like the tavern. Other friend of hers. (WS) wow, hot. Too drunk and aloof but wow. Not too friendly . Other girls ( WF) nice kids, very young

Tuesday (WS) (WF) thinking about last year when I talked to her boyfriend, who was always interjecting sexual stuff. Ill bet she is the same . Curious. Very attractive athletic body.
Small chit at off the court. Great smile and nice attitude.

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