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6/27/2006 3:12 am

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How i want it. Who i am

I would like to start off my blog entry saying....

Alas, i guess such is life and we did place a good game.

Any way i just wanted to start my blog and see where it went.

Who am i?
My name is Jasmine and i am 20 years of age.

What do i do?
Well im a student ccurrently doing a double degree so 5 years

Why am i here?
I love Sex poss more then coffee and chocolate (thats a big call)and have always been faily open. I have currently had an opertunity to start some movies and have given myself some time to consider it (i mean i'd love to but it's very public and i cant help but question what it will do and how it will effecct me carer wise). Anyway as i said im open both in and out of the bed and am looking for like minded people along with to teach guys just how to do it. I would just like to make clear at this stage i am NOT looking for a relationship and it would take alot of convincing that you were right(just so i dont give people the wrong impression).

What do I like in a man?
Well any girl would be lying, or insane if she said she didn't like romance. But i LOVE it, when a guy is romantic it shows that he is willing to put in extra effort for you because your worth it i just love being pampered. I love athletic men, not just there physic but the fact that they tend to have a fairly active lifestyle and are able to keep up with mine.

Most interesting place i've had sex?
I have had sex in some funny places, including up a tree... no joke! I have also had it in the car while parked in a rather busy carpark. I love my out door activities so there have been anumber of out door incidences including the bush or horse stable.

Favorate place to have sex
Even though im adventurous and have had and would have sex in anumber of different places i have to say i am very traditional when it comes to my fav. I love noithing more then the bedroom, with saturn sheets some chapers and chocolate dipped strawberries, starting off giving each other a sexy sensual massage all over then moving on to some intence foreplay before screwing (theres my romantic side comming out again)

Feelings on Foreplay
I LOVE IT!! i really think too many guys cutt it out or rush it. When done properly it just makes the sex so much more enjoyable.

How i like it
Well this is complex to explain with out me being there but i'll try

For foreplay: i love it when i guy doesnt focus on just one point ind instead focuses on all of you so if his fingering me i like him to touch my breasts, tummy, face. I like him to look at me, rather then gaze into space thinking what his having for dinner. as for the act of fingering a guy nereds to yet again spread his focus what i fine works really well is clitral stimulation untill im about to peak then inserting his fingures inside of me, nice and deep, then after a while going back to clit stim, this not only feels good for hours but when you finally do cum its so imence words cant explain. For eating out its similar but i guy can focus on flicking the clit with his tongue while inserting his fingurs (getting wett just thinking about it)

Oh and please for the love of god watch your nails along with how hard you play with the clit area It can REALLY HURT if not done correctly!!!!

For Sex: Well i love to mix things up i love slow sensual sex but i also LOVE nothing better then to be pounded nice and hard with my legs in the airir dogy. But i do like a mix.

Where would i like to do it?
I'd love to do it on a full size pool table after or while kicking the guys ass in pool

Do i like toys?
I LOVE toys however i think they were def designed by men as there's alot missing i have come up with a few designs of my own and i hope to produce them oneday... we shall see

Well thats a bit about me and who i really am. I think i'll call it a night and post more later.

If you have questions or anything let me know.


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