Thoughts about some Profiles  

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9/11/2005 5:32 pm

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Thoughts about some Profiles

Profiles are the smallest glimps to the person you are looking at. But it seems that most dont bother with it even when they are paying memebers. All they see is what they want. I know standards cant view them, have little chances of mailing or contacting the ones they are interested in execpt to wink.

I know monthly you have a limited amount of mailing and you have to choose wisely. As for replying you have a set amount to reply to letters on a daily thing.

But for the profiles what contains in it the bare information that you want others to view. There are the fakes and the real. Then you see those that are just putting down anything they think will attract those they want to find sexual pleasures with.

Now for my profile, I have stated I am interested in women for play only. I have added in one extra line to my ideal person which is only stating I would like them to be in my area. I don't see anything deceiving in my profile about my intent or desire for sexual pleasures. It also states that I have no interest in men, and that I would decline all invitations to networks. Should they continue then I do refer them to my husband because he screens all the men and decides if he wants them to join or not. To this date I have yet to hear about anyone being accepted.

I bend to my husband's will when we are behind closed doors but once outside the bedroom I am my own person. I do decide which lady I want to play and pleasure. When it comes to men I send them his way because in most cases they don't understand when I state that I am not looking for men.

My name states what I am looking for but I know it can be in turn taken as Women looking to gangbang someone. But I am looking for women to come and play in my area. Just to break out our toys, those strap ons collecting dust some where and our own bodies to bring pleasure to those we are looking for.

Again thanks for listening to my ranting. It helps lessen the gloom on my day from those who aren't happy and only get pleasure when they bother, annoy, and put down people around them.

rm_grpsand 41M

8/19/2006 10:01 pm

Um... so... uh... what are you looking for?

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