Zero to 4X Light Speed  

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3/19/2006 11:05 pm
Zero to 4X Light Speed

A Swiss company has learned how to vary the speed of light from zero to four times it's normal velocity. They are seeking a patent for the process at this time to sell to fiberoptic companies.
Another company has developed a way to avoid reflecting light(becoming invisible)
The possibility of using plasmonic covers to drastically reduce the total scattering cross section of spherical and cylindrical objects is discussed. While it is intuitively expected that increasing the physical size of an object may lead to an increase in its overall scattering cross section, here we see how a proper design of these lossless metamaterial covers near their plasma resonance may induce a dramatic drop in the scattering cross section, making the object nearly invisible to an observer, a phenomenon with obvious applications for low observability and non invasive probe design. Physical insights into this phenomenon and some numerical results are provided.
There is a drawback to this method though, you need to wear a funny looking suit and helmet with an antenna(of course no one will see it)
One research team has actually teleported a few atoms the distance of a few microns so it won't be long before it's mountains being teleported miles. And another team teleported a laser beam thru a solid object to continue on the other side.
Why am I telling you this? I happen to be wearing invisible clothing and I'm thinking at four times the speed of light, that's why.

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