Male Potency or Crank up your Wang  

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3/27/2006 1:39 pm

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Male Potency or Crank up your Wang

by Babadave

Horny goat weed has become very popular as an aphrodisiac herb, and it may be beneficial for relieving stress as well. The mechanism of how horny goat weed works for increasing sexual desire is still unknown however, it is believed to work due to its adaptogenic properties and effect on cortisol levels which is the main stress hormones. It is believed that horny goat weed may be able to restore levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones. The herb has been traditionally used for liver and kidney tonification as well as sexual dysfunction which can be related to deficiencies in the kidney area. It has improved the life of chronic renal failure patients in a Chinese study. It is found in formulas for psychological and physical impotence.
Ashwagandha has been a prized top notch adaptogenic tonic in India for 3000 - 4000 years. It is under-rated by the commercial industry here in the United States, and seems to mostly promoted as a sexual and energy tonic. It is said to work mainly on the reproductive and nervous systems coupled with rejuvenating qualities. It is commonly used to increase vitality, recover from chronic illnesses and pain management for arthritic conditions. Ashwagandha helps regulate blood sugar which aids in suppressing sugar cravings.
Ginseng, there are many types, panax is the true gensing and is an adaptagen which improves health in general and activity level dependent on the amount you take, take more, more activity. It has been thought to be a sexual enhancer for thousands of years and has a huge following. Eleuthra is Siberian gensing and is an energetic, similar to caffeine in some ways and is used to provide sexual potency and energy also.
All of the above seem to increase arrousal in men and therefore ablilty. These herbs all have health benefits and it wouldn't hurt to take any or all of them on a daily basis and if you have a hot date for the evening you may consider doubling up on your dose for that day.
There are RX's avaliable for 'enhancing' your sexual experience, Viagra gives you about 4 hours of enhanced ability, Cialis and Levitra have similar enhancement for up to 36 hours. Check with your doctor for a prescription, then if you find one that works well for you they're avaliable online for a fraction of what you pay at the pharmacy.
Cialis is also used for increasing urinary flow and has the side effect of giving you a huge libido boost(any girls out there want to fool around? Contact me at my profile or my blog.)
IMPORTANT- If you get an erection that lasts more than four hours you need to seek medical attention, you may have permanent damage if you don't take care of it. Also if you're in the emergency room and have to wear one of those gowns that are open in the back you could probably get away with wearing it with the opening in the front just this one time(It'd be a great story then instead of an embarassing one)
Good health and exercise are about the best enhancement for sexual desire and ablity, start an exercise program, work up a sweat and heavy breathing work out and soon you're going to be doing the same in the sack with your partner on a regular basis.......Herbal & OTC Remedies
Have fun kids.

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