How to shave your dick.  

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How to shave your dick.

by Babadave

I was having sex with a girl in my driveway one night (this is part of the story too). Well we were going at it and the Neighborhood Watch stopped and got out of the car, it was the tall blondish lady and she had a flashlight and was checking my plates. I disengaged myself from the sweetie and moved up to the front seat, cracked my window a few inches and said to the lady 'Can I help you?' Well, the back windows of my van are heavily tinted but the front aren't...
Her flashlight quickly scanned the car interior and landed on me wearing nothing but a tshirt and a hardon. Luckily all I got was laughed at and told to take it inside from now on.
Ok, now how to shave your dick.
I met a girl named Wendie here on A F F when I had a group called LasVegasSex911 and we had parties. I was arranging one in a 18 million dollar mansion with 42 rooms and an indoor heated pool, a gated estate with security, it belonged to a friend. Wendie said I needed to shave it if I wanted her to play with it sooooooooo, I asked her how to go about it.
I started trimming the hairs on my balls with the electric trimmer but kept nicking the skin and drawing blood, so I started on my abdomen and got most of the right side before the razor started going BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK, like it does when it needs oil. I wrapped a towel around myself and started looking for oil and there was none in the house. I thought there was some motor oil in the garage but I wasn't able to find any there either. 'Oil on the dipstick' I thought and pressed the garage door opener button and headed towards my car parked right outside. As the door was going up I noticed voices at the end of the driveway and tried to stop the garage door from going up. As I reached up to tug it down my towel fell off and the Neighborhood Watch lady and several neighbor girls saw me naked and half shaved. I grabbed my towel and hid at the front of my car as they chattered and scuttled off. Ok, I got my oil off the dipstick, it was burned and stank from a couple of 90MPH trips back to LA for emergency sex, but hey, I needed oil and oil is oil. I continued to shave and everything I touched was black and had little beads of blood coming out. Wendie had said Nair would take care of any stragglers so I slopped some on and started smearing it around. I guess I should have read the instructions about 'broken skin' first. I then broke the Guiness World Record for ball washing. Jezzzzzzzzzzzz it hurt! The result was a stubble covered, nicked little weenie with a swollen ball sack. Well, it was easier to shave with a safety razor then, so I finished without misshap. I thought I should put something on it to soothe the poor little thing, all red and hurting so I rubbed on some hand lotion. Well I should have read the instructions, I broke my own ball washing record by several seconds.
Well......... The party was a pretty good success, alot of people had alot of fun, running down the hallways naked, oral sex in the elevator and who knows what else. Wendie didn't show, I never got to meet her. What I did get to do though was to watch the front gate 200 yards away from the house while the girls all put whipped cream all over themselves and let the guys lick it off.
And that's how to shave your dick.

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