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3/26/2006 9:35 am

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Acne Remedy

by Babadave

Acne is caused by two things working together, the oils you are producing that come from the pores in your skin are bound to protein, starch, and other substances.
Skin bacteria are able to live in your pores and use these oil-whatever secretions for food.
The result, acne.
What can you do?
Your liver produces these oils and if it isn't metabolizing completely then you get oil bound to some food source for the bacteria. The bacteria can't feed on the oil alone. There are alot of substances that will cause your liver to metabolize more efficiently and to produce a more pure oil production.
Berberine found in barberry, Oregon grape, goldenseal and quite a few other herbs will allow your liver to metabolize completely resulting in a lessening of acne problems and in many cases a total clearing up of all acne.
Goldenseal can be used to clear up the outbreaks associated with monthly cycle related acne but shouldn't be used continually.
Oregon grape and barberry can be used daily and are avaliable online and at some natural food stores.
You may have to take these suppliments for the long term but you should have less acne and the cost isn't much.
Follow the directions on the bottle, you may need to take up to three capsules a day to get it stopped but back down to find the effective dosage and don't over do it. Also check out Herbal & OTC Remedies

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