The Feast  

WKress 49M
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7/26/2006 2:09 am
The Feast

The dead rat stares at me from it’s dinner plate.
It’s fork firmly stuck in the tumour of my sobriety.
In my ears I hear it screaming, “Our poets are gone!!”.
Relaxing I notice the lipstick smears like bright blood.
No more are the peaceful waves rocking the shoreline.
Veils of antiquity drape over the quiet machine.
Black stains mar the pure porcelain of the sink.
Contemplation looms on the whispers of sunrise.
Crying like moonbeams from the virgin’s eyes.
Throwing myself to the dogs of my own desires.
To taste within the fire of something nameless.
While casting about in a blizzard of anxiety.
Mourning the stiff rodent for a meal unfinished.
To document the travels of an unreal society.
I smile and try to pretend that everything’s fine.
My stomach turns revolted by the beauty of evil.
Running down the glass of darkened windows.
To ooze across the table of the lord.
I sense it’s malevolence bubbling behind me.
Shielding myself with the books of my past.
I languish in the lost tales slow spelling.
Spying the dull enchantments like magic rubies.
Reflecting and shining in the eyes of death.

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