Celebration Of Fall  

WKress 49M
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7/26/2006 2:33 am
Celebration Of Fall

We eagerly crowd the ramparts to view the dragon’s waxing love songs.
Throughout the land the hymn of the locusts soothes our troubled hearts.
On hummingbird wings we hover beyond the blossoms’ beckoning blooms.
Enjoying the simple happinesses that keep our souls in muted bewilderment.
At this time of day, the sunlight pours through our chamber window.
Knowing it’s right by the visions seen in particles of falling dust.
The dinosaurs are still young in our circle of enchanted stones.
Terrified of the snuffing-out of the floating, merry life-lights.
Billowing colours surround each of our dreamy existences.
Reliving through the eyes of the youth all our favourite holidays.
To snatch a glimpse into the well of our historic triumphs.
The dragon’s singing fills our minds as the sun creeps into the sea.
Like the first dawn of the world I feel my heart beginning to beat.
As we venture into the silent clearing of all our cheery hopes.
Only to cling to the thin reminders of another summertime.

CanadianQuickie 41F

10/12/2006 9:25 pm

a very nice way to say good-bye to summer and welcome fall..makes you see the colors and to think of summer past.. like this one too wkress.ty

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