Wow, and I was there to see it  

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9/10/2006 8:54 pm

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Wow, and I was there to see it

Green Bay started its game today against the Bears with 223 straight games never having been shut out, and Favre started his 222nd game, never having been shut out. Well, after 15 years and numerous Bears jokes, Favre and the "mighty" Pack went down 26-0 against the Monsters of the Midway.

After a 5-year stretch of jokes like "How do you stop a Bears fan from masturbating? Paint his dick green and gold and he'll never beat it", it was very sweet. And me, living in the middle of Packerland in a room full of Packers fans...sweet!

I had the kids over this weekend. They got in from FL Friday night after 3 days of mouse worship. We had a good time, spent way too much money on groceries, a birthday present, carryout, and decorations for my house (framed prints). The ex said she wanted to talk soccer when I brought them home. So I get there and she starts beating me over the head for a GSA meeting I missed 10 days ago (for the 3rd time today) and the lack of a divorce settlement (I've told her repeatedly to make me a counter-offer). She didn't want to talk soccer, so I walked out on her. She just wanted to beat me up some more. She said, "I can't count on you.", referring to the child support crossing in the mail. I replied, "Yes, and that's why you divorced me." I also reiterated that it crossed in the mail and WAS in before the last of the month, so was technically on-time, and that I can't make the payment in one week's check. She didn't listen. Never will, either.

I no longer care what she thinks. Her bad opinion of me is just more background noise in my life. It's there, and never changes, so it can be ignored. She asked me why I called the cops on her. I asked her why she came over here and woke up my neighbors when I wasn't even here.

It was another shitty weekend weather-wise. Temps dropped into the 60s Friday night and stayed there all weekend. Today it rained. Normals are around 75-80 now. We're not supposed to have this for another month.

I MIGHT play some golf Tuesday if the weather clears. Par 3 again. Short game and putting needs work.

Kids will be here tomorrow. They have soccer and their great uncle died (about normal for his family; sisters died at 97, 95, and 94, parents in their 90s), so there's a funeral to be attended by the other side. I get to pick them up.

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