Flashback to Aug. 9  

WI_Sevenbyseven 55M
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8/28/2006 4:17 pm
Flashback to Aug. 9

I was posting then about how the Patriot Act allowed a person to be locked up for suspicion of terrorism.

Here's an example: I read online today of a guy in Illinois, a member of the Sierra Club, who commented at an Army Corps of Engineers meeting about getting rid of a dam because it impeded the flow of spawning fish, and how it was corporate welfare for the shipping interests paid for by the taxpayer. The Corps had started the meeting looking for proposals of solutions to the fish problem and keeping the shipping interests happy. He also said the next day in an interview that he wouldn't be disappointed if the dam was blown up (in the course of legally removing it, from the context of his quotes). He is now being investigated by ACE and the FBI as a possible terrorist.

Has the government gotten too paranoid? D'ya think?

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