Looking for a Date with Mature women  

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7/19/2006 4:27 am

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Looking for a Date with Mature women

Hi friends,

Here in this blog I would like to share my feelings about Mature women.

Well, during my teen days I never used to like Mature women who are in the age group of 30+. It's becoz I used to attract to the girls of my age. But things started changing when one fine day I had the chance to watch the pussy of my neighbours wife. It was a bushy one. She hesitantly tried to hide it from me when she noticed me. The fire in me had started since then. Even though it was accidental my thirst for watching pussies took momentum but I could not succeed as I was not a peeping tom.

She was the first woman in my life ( I did not get the chance to fuck her neither did I try to sleep with her) but she has set the ball rolling and I began to find out and understand how much beauty lies in the body of a mature woman. The mature women on this site too have rekindled the fire in me. There are two exceptional women I find in this site. I got a chance to watch their cams. I could not remember the handle of the first member though I had noted it down and lost the paper. The second one is the woman whom I watched today.

The first woman I said is of 40+ in age and showed off all her body. She has got a terrific body and nice structure which I had not seen all these days. At the time of showing on cam she was holding the drink between her breasts. If she reads this I kindly request her to remember my feelings towards her. The way she played with herself is amazing and made me mad. I became her undeclared slave and willing to serve her.

The second one is altogether different. She is a stunning beauty with great body. She showed me the place of heaven in her holes. yes, it is right there between her legs. The way she played with her fingers proved that her heaven needs the great massage by my big cock. But one thing I have against her is she did not show her face to me though she showed every inch of her body. I hope she entertains you too all the time. Now I wil reveal her handle to you. She is none other than the SweetDoubleA. I hope to hear from her soon.

Finally, a request to you all, my english sucks kindly bear with it and post me your views and opinions and corrections.

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