Moved Again  

VickiNicole 45F
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3/24/2006 9:15 am
Moved Again

I didn't like Texas so i had to keep it moving
in Novemeber i moved to Arizona
i like it so far, i have a job at a real estate company and i am in college full time.
I have my own apartment and car now and i am still settling in.
Everything is going really well but I am really really lonely.
I get hit on all the time by black guys but i am just not attracted to them and its kinda sad cause I know i could easily stop beign lonely if i just got with the black guys.
I am attracted to really YOUNG (24 - 2 yaer old caucasian boys. I love jewsh guys, they are the best in bed. So good and adventurous.
I like asian guys too.
I cant handle cocks over 7 inches so i have to be really careful about the guys i hook up with.

Anyway doesnt matter, i havent had sex or even a kiss in 5 months.

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