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VickiNicole 44F
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3/24/2006 9:19 am
Dating Application

Your Name? Vicki Nicole

Your Age? 32

Your Race/Ethnicity? Black

City You Live In? Glendale, AZ

Do you smoke? no

Do you drink? only on occasion, like if I am with friends or before i go out on a date, because i am very shy so liquor loosens me up

Do you do any kind of illegal substances? no, i've tried some though, i tried coke and pot, i am not a fan of either

Do you have pets? no

Do you have children? no

Do you listen to morning radio? yes but it really sucks now that howard stern is off the air, adam corolla sucks, i hope to get a sirius satellite radio soon as i can save up a lil money for it, its only $100 so if someone rich out there wants to buy it for me feel free

Do you listen to Tom Leykis? yes and sometimes i agree with him and sometimes i am apalled at the things he says, one thing is for sure though, i won't date a guy who follows the Leykis 101 rules, not just because they are appalling dating rules but also because it would mean the guy doesn't have a brain of his own and is easily brainwashed which i find to be a weak character and i don't like weak men

What was the last cd you bought or downloaded? The Pussycat Dolls

Are you bisexual? no, I am stricly dickly

Are you in college? yes studying webdesign and fitness training, these are the classes i am currently taking:

PED120AA - Aerobics

CIS133AA - Internet / Web Development

CIS120AF - CMPUTR GRAPH: Adobe Photoshop

CIS120DC - CMPUTR GRAPH: Macromedia Flash

ART100 - Intro to Computer Graphic Art

PED102XP - Weight Training

PED102YE - Eclectic Yoga

Do you have a job? yes, i am a receptionist at a mortgage company

Do you have a car? yes a 2005 red hyundai accent

Do you like fat girls? umm they can be my friend, do i like fat men as far as attraction? no, I won't date anyone that reminds me of myself, lol, so if you are black, no, if you are 32 or older, no, if you are female, no and if you are fat, no

Do you have a 5-year plan? yes I do and i think I have already posted a blog about that, its very extensive, I know where i am at in life and where i am going in life and where i would like to end up, but God is the leader and he can adjust my plans at any time and i am aware of that so i follow as best i can

What is your purpose in life? to learn honesty and teach honesty and The Truth

Where would we go on our first date? I'm kind of old fashioned and I love chivalry so I prefer if the guy chooses but something simple like a movie and dinner is good enough for me

Where would we go on our 2nd date? I wouldn't mind going to see something that reflects the guys personality like a museum or a skate board competition, definitely would not go to his place though

Do you watch porn and/or go to strip clubs? yes i watch porn and yes i go to strip clubs, i don't currently have any porn though, i left it all in boston when i moved, and i only go to strip clubs with friends, strip clubs are fun, lol

Bonus Question: What do you enjoy more, receiving oral sex or giving oral sex? Well I enjoy both about equally if the guy really knows what he is doing but alot of times guys don't know what they are doing so it starts to hurt or i get frustrated , in those cases i prefer giving

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